5 Ways Your Business Can Use AI to Push Through Tough Times

Recent reports are showing that small businesses are on average, less prepared for unexpected, and difficult times.

One report actually states that 41% failed to survive the COVID-19 pandemic in America.

Because they adopted artificial intelligence (AI), and modified their business models, some businesses survived the pandemic.

AI technology is a key component in making businesses more competitive in the modern business environment.

These are five ways AI can help you and your business succeed in the “new norm.”

1. AI Shortens Sales Cycles

Many repetitive tasks can be efficiently handled by AI apps and tools. This allows sales reps to focus on revenue-generating tasks, while being freed from mundane tasks.

AI tools and apps can also provide valuable feedback for your sales and marketing teams, allowing you to optimize your sales funnel and increase conversion rates.

2. Improve customer UX

Your chances of converting website visitors into customers can be affected by their overall experience.

This is because online shoppers don’t have the patience or understanding when shopping for items they need. Your website should load quickly to provide the best user experience for your customers.

Customers expect websites to load in three seconds, according to studies. Your potential visitors will leave your website if it takes longer than that to load.

Also, ensure that your website’s UX design is easy to use by your visitors regardless of their device. This will help you move your sales funnel along faster.

3. Offer more efficient customer service

Every business must provide excellent customer service. Your business’s ability to respond quickly and efficiently to customers’ needs will determine how satisfied they are.

Chatbots or live chat powered by AI can improve customer service efforts and reduce wait times. Problems and issues can be resolved quicker and more efficiently as a result.

Customers will be loyal to you and your brand will grow by responding promptly to their social media queries.

4. Remote Workforce Productivity Boost

Businesses across all industries had to adjust their business models after the COVID-19 pandemic. This included offering remote and hybrid work options to their employees.

This shift enabled many businesses to remain afloat. However, it wasn’t without its challenges. It is important to ensure that employees work efficiently, particularly if they are being paid per project or hourly.

AI-powered apps and tools can be used to track and monitor employees’ activities and ensure that they are working during their work hours.

5. Makes Marketing Strategies More Effective

Sometimes marketing teams face limited resources, lack of creativity, and outdated marketing techniques. AI can solve many of these issues by automating repetitive tasks, providing creative ideas and actionable insights.

AI can improve content creation and copy writing through the use of data points. It also increases search rankings and engagement with your target audiences.


We can expect small business owners to continue to reap the benefits of AI in their businesses. This trend will continue as the new norm. However, this doesn’t mean business owners need to rely on AI technology in order to succeed in this new reality. AI tools and applications are just that, tools and apps.

Your business must provide a positive customer experience in order to survive in today’s competitive environment. From your website to your customer service, this is essential.

Also, you must ensure that your employees are taken care of. This is especially important for those who have recently moved to remote work. Give them the tools they need in order to be productive. Make sure they are taking steps to maintain a healthy work-life balance as well.

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