Why is Marketing so Important for Small Businesses?

Marketing is important because it is the most effective way to bring clients to your business. If they don’t know your business exists, then there is no chance of your business succeeding.

Whether you’re running your own start-up, or just doing some research, you’re most likely aware that marketing is a very important step to make your business boom. But how much do you know about it? In this article, we discuss the importance of marketing. Specifically in relation to exposure, budgeting, and team building, and why marketing is a key step to a successful start-up.

Marketing for Success

Marketing is a risk. But the return can be valuable. You may end up spending a large portion of your company’s budget for marketing on year, and get very little in return. But depending on how it’s done, you may invest only a small portion of your budget. And get a very large return on it. 

Marketing can be done in many ways, but the key to a successful campaign, is the ad itself. You can put whatever you want up on radio, television, or as a banner on a website, but unless it appeals to your audience, and is engaging, it won’t go anywhere. Make sure your material is relatable. If someone reads or watches your ad and makes a connection, they’re not only more likely to buy or use your product or service, but are also more likely to share it with a friend. 

Marketing for Return

You can always go and pay someone thousands of dollars, or more, to create a fun, engaging, relatable ad for you. And it would be effective. But is it the best way to get a great return on your investment? Chances are, unless you’re startup isn’t a startup anymore, it’s not.

Many of us simply don’t have the funds in our budget to pay someone that much. Sure marketing is a key step, but is it worth an arm and a leg? The good news is it doesn’t have to be. There are far cheaper ways of going about marketing that will grant you a very satisfying return as well. 

Not only are there cheaper methods of paid advertising than going straight to renting out channel or radio time. Which according to Adage, is an average of $115,000 for a 30 second preview or “spot.” But you don’t need to go paid at all. Social media is an insanely influential and free tool that many businesses and startups are using with great success. 

Marketing for You

In essence, how you market yourself is how others will view not only your company, but you as well. Family and friends who see your social media or advertisements are going to relate that to you, just as strangers will relate it to your company. So it’s important to keep your marketing true to who you are, and portray your business as you envisioned it.

This means choosing a marketing team, or marketing on a platform, that supports the kind of standards that you hold your business to. It also means bringing in other members of your business, maybe an engineer or manager, to help brainstorm ideas. Marketing is a key step not only to creating a successful business, but also to creating a successful team. One that works well with one another, and one that has a similar goal — to create a successful business.

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