6 Tips of a Successful Entrepreneur 

It Is Not Too Late

It is never too late to try something on the side to drive that inner entrepreneur. In fact, one of the most successful American cultural icons started his first comic at age 39. Stan Lee is a name almost every superhero fan knows. It wasn’t until midway through his life that the traction of success hit the road running. Whether this is your first time trying something or you are just exploring new ways to be successful, here are 5 tips to help you on the path of becoming an entrepreneur. 

Do What You Love

What do you love to do each day that motivates you? Find each day what you find you love spending your time doing. Whether it is a hobby, craft, art project, or just making extra side money. Think of things you enjoy and write them down. As you go about your day-to-day see what gaps or trends you see with the niche items you wrote down and explore them. Write down subcategories of the topic. See if you can find any trends, gaps, accessories, or venues that would be a good place to start a side or full-time gig. 

Failures are Opportunities

Often we don’t find our path until we try different trails to get there. In most cases, people don’t find their way the first time. It is often through failures or side steps that we find the best route. Go out there and try different ways of expanding or succeeding in your chosen side opportunity. Analyze what works and what doesn’t. See if you are spending too much time in one area and lacking in another. 

Take Your Successes and be Innovative 

If you found an area that worked, take it and run further. Amazon started as a book company but through trial and error, they found their way into becoming the world’s largest online retailer. Some people get stuck in an idea or a way of doing things which can be detrimental. Be open and innovative in your ideas. Don’t be stuck with how you think things should be, explore what is working and do more of it.

Sleep On It

Most people experience ebbs and flows of motivation and drive. If you are getting overwhelmed and stuck, sleep on it and see how you feel about it the next day. This is not avoiding and putting off a project, but after you have exhausted all ideas, take a break and sleep on it. Often we can see things in more clarity the next day and can make better decisions.

Write It Down

Ideas often come at random times even when we are not even thinking about them. Create a notepad in your phone and write the ideas down as they come. Revisit the idea at a later date and see if it still appears to be a good idea. Over time multiple ideas will be in your notepad and you can try them out. People often try to come up with ideas on the spot and experience a mental block. By writing the ideas down as they come, you can go over them next time you are brainstorming new ideas.

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