The 7 Essential Tech Gadgets for Every Busy Executive

best tech for executives

You have a brand-new phone and a recent laptop. What about the rest of your technology, though? With these 7 choices, you can easily upgrade to the best tech for executives.

Do the surroundings in your office resemble something from the previous century? Your technology could be at fault. Here are seven tech picks for the busy CEO. Buy one, buy them all, or give someone a hint: The holidays are just around the corner!

Secure Flash Drive

Although it may not be the coolest technology available, you can never be too safe in the data hacking world of today, especially if your data is not hosted on the cloud or in another shared computer resource. An encrypted flash drive protects the data it contains from infections like Trojan horses or keyloggers. It’s a small but mighty addition to your arsenal of technology.

With storage capacities ranging from 2 to 8 GB, popular brand names include Corsair, IronKey, and LOK-IT. Look for versions that can be connected to any computer and peripherals like projectors, scanners, and printers, which are platform-independent.

Portable Backup Battery 

Finding the correct charger amid a maze of wires before losing your call, data, or connection is a difficulty that is exclusive to the 21st century. Even tech-savvy executives deal with it depressingly frequently. So, what do you do about it? Purchase a mobile battery backup. Although it has a typical plug-like appearance, it has the ability to charge most USB and outlet chargers and can store up to four times the energy required to recharge a smartphone.

Look at the HyperJuice Mini for a variety of colors or the InstaPark Mercury to go solar-powered. In addition, ZAGGsparq 2.0 is a solid choice with good reviews.

Portable Projector

In the early days of high technology, CEOs had to plan their presentations based on the projection technology they would eventually deploy. In addition, executives had to ensure they arrived with the appropriate cables to connect their laptops to whatever projector the host had available. 

Technology is now improved from those days. Today, everyone has access to a portable projector that is small enough to fit in a laptop bag and projects a high-definition image up to 70 inches away that can be seen in normal lighting.

Consider both the portable or pocket projector when shopping for a new projector. Some stores still define “portable” as something a bodybuilder could potentially carry across a parking lot. However, the iGo Pico or Vivitek Qumi series are roughly the size of a flashlight or a deck of cards.

Projection Keyboard

This gadget, which is more of a toy than a genuine productivity tool, projects a keyboard onto any flat surface using visible laser light. The display reacts as though the user were typing into the device thanks to the same lasers that detect finger motion.

This is not for writers, programmers, or other people whose primary duty involves frequent typing. Users say that this keyboard’s lack of tactile input slows down their work. However, it will work fine for a tech-savvy CEO who sometimes wants the keyboard functionality in odd places. This holiday season, Celluon is the top producer of projection keyboards. The company’s MagicCube Bluetooth variant is suggested for tablets, while its Laserkey type has the most futuristic appearance.

Seagate Lacie Portable SSD 

When it comes to mass storage, Seagate is at the top of its game, and as a creative CEO, you presumably work with enormous data files like photographs, films, and sound on a regular basis. The Lacie Mobile SSD supports USB-C, USB 3.0, Windows, and Mac operating systems and has a maximum storage capacity of 2Tb while operating at speeds of up to 540MB/s.

It performs flawlessly and has a great appearance. With this portable SSD’s speeds, editing large projects should be effortless even when you’re on the go. Thousands of photographs may be copied in a matter of minutes, and Adobe editing programs can be used directly from the disk without any latency. Therefore, the Lacie Mobile SSD is a must if you want quick, convenient access to all of your files in one location. 

Samsung CJ890 Widescreen

Today, you really need a large screen for any job you are working on. It is well recognized that a larger screen, or several screens, will maximize productivity and workflow. In other words, the more you can fit on your screen, the more you can view at once, and with the majority of creative design jobs, having many windows open is not unusual.

The Samsung 49′′ CJ890 Super-Ultra-Wide Monitor is the mother of all business displays. Thanks to its extremely wide and ergonomically curved form, it makes your work more comfortable and effective. In addition to having all the ports you will ever need, 7W Stereo Speakers, and a very unique aspect ratio (32:9), you also get to take advantage of the extremely quick 144Hz screen refresh rate, which offers flawlessly smooth scenes and can be adjusted to 60Hz/120Hz for improved monitor performance.

Sennheiser Momentum TW Earbuds

Being a creative CEO also requires excellent hearing, ideally without wires. These earbuds are truly wireless and are among the most comfortable. Furthermore, they produce sound quality that exceeds industry standards.

Additionally, they connect to a smartphone app that gives you control over the EQ spectrum, which most other earbuds do not. These earphones will be useful while working on tasks, whether you’re listening to music in the background or making sound an important component of your job.


Tech gadgets can simplify your life by streamlining or improving your regular routines, which also makes them incredibly useful and often entertaining gifts.

However, you might be tempted to believe that tech gifts are only appropriate for friends and family who spend a lot of time on their computers, playing video games, or toying with new gadgets. However, there is a tech gift for almost every interest and pastime. Why not try some of these gadgets and see just how much better your life can be?

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